Emily Heinz

Borough Council, Ward 1

  • Grew up in Newtown Borough
  • Council Rock Class of 2003
  • Substantial project coordinator expertise
  • Experience managing a not-for-profit organization
  • The University of Memphis, B.M.

Emily Heinz is running for Newtown Borough Council to give back to the community that she grew up in and to be an active part of preserving what makes the borough so special while, at the same time, supporting improvement and modernization efforts that will have a positive impact on both residents and small businesses.

Newtown Borough is facing unprecedented traffic congestion, and Heinz believes that the current infrastructure is not conducive to vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians sharing the roadway and that the safety of those who try to do so is at risk. Heinz believes that we will need to get creative within the limited space we have by making crosswalks more visible, working with the police to curb speeding, and looking for ways to reduce non-local traffic from driving through town.

As new, perhaps younger, residents continue to move into the borough, Heinz sees a need for purposeful efforts to build community. As councilor, Heinz will work to foster community engagement and education through improved digital communication, will find ways to designate community spaces that serve everyone equally, and will invite proactive discussion on issues residents are currently facing.

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This year there are two Council seats open in Ward 1 – Please vote for BOTH Emily Heinz and Amy Lustig!

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