Cheryl Wood

Constable, Ward 2

Cheryl Wood, who holds an MBA degree and is an avid cyclist and rower, takes the position of Constable very seriously. As she notes, “In Pennsylvania, local police do not maintain order at polling places. Police are not permitted within 100 feet of the polls, and that is true in Newtown Borough. The responsibility of maintaining order inside and outside polling sites is assigned to a Constable, an Officer of the Peace who is elected locally and whose authority comes from the Commonwealth.”

Cheryl wants the public to know that the Constable assures that all voters who have the right to vote can exercise that right unimpeded and without intimidation. “Especially now, with unsubstantiated claims of voting irregularities being widely circulated, the role of a Constable is critical,” Wood states, and continues, “I believe that free and fair elections form the bedrock of our democracy; therefore, I am seeking election for Constable in order to give back to my community of neighbors. I am well prepared for this task as I have a demonstrated career track record of creating and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships. Let’s continue to be our special community’s advocate now and for future generations.”

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