Amy Lustig

Borough Council, Ward 1

  • 24-year Newtown Borough resident
  • Traffic and Parking Committee member, 3 years
  • Beautification & Revitalization Committee member, 3 years
  • Lehigh University, B.A.
  • The College of New Jersey, M.A.T.

Amy Lustig is running for Newtown Borough Council, Ward One to be an active part of encouraging engagement in our historic town and in making the borough a safe, welcoming, vibrant environment for both residents and visitors alike. Her primary interests lie in community building and participation and in bolstering an infrastructure that safely supports all those using our roads, sidewalks, and green spaces, particularly those enjoying the borough on foot and on bike. In a town like Newtown, Lustig believes that balancing an appreciation for historic tradition with the awareness that change is essential for present and future prosperity is pivotal to the borough’s vitality.

Community engagement is essential for a town to thrive, and the borough is no exception. As councilor, Lustig will invite residents to more fully participate through educational and outreach programming and enhanced digital communication about borough activities and topics. She would also like to bring more diversified voices into the conversation about how the borough can best serve everyone, including teens, young adults, and groups that have limited representation in borough activities and discussions.

With its great shops and restaurants, parks, and easy access to major roads, Newtown Borough attracts many people to the area. That attraction, however, can lead to problems where traffic is concerned in this centuries-old town. As Lustig learned during her time on the Traffic and Parking Committee, borough roads were not designed to accommodate a steady flow of vehicular traffic alongside pedestrians and cyclists, and therefore, dangerous conditions — not to mention congestion — are often present when navigating on foot and on bike. Lustig believes that addressing these issues will require creative ways to adapt limited space, balance street spaces, develop pedestrian zones, and make crosswalks more visible.

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This year there are two Council seats open in Ward 1 – Please vote for BOTH Amy Lustig and Emily Heinz!

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